We host and organize African events and festivals where we bring together music superstars from different African countries to perform on one big stage in different countries across Europe. Our Events are designed to:


*Raise awareness to the plights and harsh realities of life for children across Africa

*Serves as a platform for the Artists to speak out and campaign for change in governmental policies in Africa

*Be a powerful voice and a channel of expression for the crying and suffering children across Africa


These children have, over the years, suffered in silence and have nobody to speak up for them. With United Africa Music Jamboree, we hope that, someday, somebody, somewhere out there will finally hear these children crying and lend a helping hand.
Profits generated from our Events are used to fund philanthropic projects for children across Africa.
Although this may seem like a small way to make a difference but they add up to a world of support to the children. Let us together, make this vulnerable children our priority, they deserve our love and attention. With our help the children can reach their highest potential to become the best that they can be.